Credit for pensioners - How to get it!

Retirees finally have the time to fulfill long-awaited wishes and dreams, for example, to travel and discover the world or to indulge in other things. But often the cash is not enough, so that the demand for a loan for pensioners increases.

But age plays an important role in risk management, so not all banks are willing to lend to seniors because of the increased risk of death.

Below you can find out what options you have to obtain a loan. In addition, it is explained whether a loan for pensioners without Schufa is possible and what you should look for when comparing providers.

Improve Schufa score: 10 tips for a higher credit rating

In the credit calculator you have calculated a favorable offer and are now on the direct way to apply for your loan? Before you start, you should call up your Schufa and find out what your Schufa score is like. The Schufa information is the basis for granting credit and is the most important indicator for the bank to make a decision.

The basis for Schufa score optimization

There are several ways to improve your credit rating and steer the score towards creditworthiness with low risk of default. How this works and what contribution you can make yourself, you will learn in this article.

No foreign unusualness alone due to missing collateralization (BFH I R 15-21)

In several decisions in 2019, the BFH surprisingly declared its ruling practice on group retention and DBA blocking effect, which was thought to be well established, to be outdated. The new standards for financing issues in the group rang the BFH with judgment v. 27.2.2019 (I R 73/16, cf. in addition also FGS TAXpod: European tax law, consequence 19.1), which it has clarified in several subsequently published rulings (most recently BFH v. 9.6.2021, I R 32/17) confirmed: A lack of loan collateral was customary for the group, but not at arm's length. It belongs to the "agreed conditions" according to § 1 para. 1 AStG. Also Art. 9Abs. 1 of the OECD Model Convention, was not based on so-called "arm's length" principles. Price adjustments are limited and therefore do not have a blocking effect. In addition, the BFH ruled – in each case without requesting a preliminary ruling from the ECJ – that Union law does not conflict with this assessment.

Against the fundamental decision of the BFH in Rs. I R 73/16, the plaintiff successfully appealed to the BVerfG. By decision of 4. March 2021 (Az. 2 BvR 1161/19), the II. The Federal Supreme Court of the BVerfG upheld the constitutional complaint. The failure to make a reference for a preliminary ruling had violated the plaintiff's right to the lawful judge (Art. 101 para. 1 sentence 2 GI Bill). The conformity of § 1 para. 1 AStG is not as evident as the BFH claims. Contrary to the opinion of the BFH, a lack of collateralization is not compatible with the principle of the so-called "tax law". Rs. Hornbach lack of liability remuneration comparable. Rather, the ECJ case law on the requirements of the freedom of establishment is not obvious, which is why a restriction of the freedom of establishment is not justified in every case when an unsecured intercompany loan is granted. In its decision, the BVerfG also makes it clear that it evaluates the BFH's interpretation of the arm's-length comparison required by Sec. 1 AStG as appropriate. as a violation of the prohibition of arbitrariness. Subsequently, the BFH's ruling was overturned and referred back to the BFH.

What should I do when it comes to owning my own home??

Countless families in Germany have the desire to own their own property. In doing so, this dream can also involve decisions of great consequence.

What to do about owning a home? – Countless families in Germany have the desire to own their own property. At the same time, this dream can also involve decisions of great consequence.

Overdraft facility - comparatively flexible, but high in price!

With an overdraft facility from your bank you are financially flexible and have neither a term nor a fixed monthly rate. The only binding limit is the overdraft facility that you have contractually agreed with your bank. While a current account without an overdraft facility entails high overdraft interest, with an overdraft facility you pay overdraft interest on the account as soon as you go within the overdraft limit.

You are therefore in control of your interest charges and only pay overdraft interest if the account is overdrawn and the overdraft facility is used. Otherwise, you have the advantage of knowing that you can dispose of your account far from the credit balance and use a certain financial framework.

In the overdraft facility comparison with other types of credit you will see both advantages, but also disadvantages. It is therefore all the more important to consider all the pros and cons before deciding on an overdraft facility and to weigh up for yourself whether the financial flexibility justifies the high interest rate in your case.

UCSD acceptance rate in 2023 admission requirements

Clicking on this link suggests you want to attend UC San Diego (UCSD) but are wondering what the acceptance rate, ACT and SAT requirements are for admission.

Without a doubt, one of the most important factors you should consider as a student is the acceptance rate of the institutions you may want to attend.

Each year UCSD receives many applications from students, but not all are granted admission. The reason is either that they didn't make it past the UC San Diego (UCSD) acceptance rate or that they applied with the wrong ACT and SAT requirements.

If you want to live permanently at home with Parkinson's, you would do well to make a few changes in your own four walls at an early stage. Often it is only small things that significantly reduce the risk of tripping and falling. For larger changes there is financial assistance.

It's really only a question of time: patients suffering from Parkinson's disease gradually become slower in their movements. At some point, they can only walk shuffling and with small steps. Sitting down and standing up also becomes increasingly difficult. As reflexes required for upright posture are lost, the risk of tripping and falling increases over time.

Fix loose carpets and cables

Anyone who, despite a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, would like to live in their own home in the long term should therefore think together with their relatives at an early stage about how their own four walls can be made as safe as possible. Often, even small changes bring about great relief.

What the ECB's interest rate hike means for you

In July 2022, the ECB decided to raise interest rates by half a percentage point for the first time in more than six years, thus initiating the turnaround in interest rates from its long-standing zero interest rate policy. In order to get a grip on inflation, which continues to gallop steeply upward, the ECB increased interest rates in its historic decision on 8. September 2022, the key interest rate again: this time by a remarkable 0.75 percentage points. At 1.25 percent, the interest rate for main refinancing has now reached the level of 2011.

But what does the ECB's new interest rate policy entail and what impact does the interest rate development have on consumers?

How are ECB interest rate hikes and inflation related??

The ECB's interest rate policy is aimed at keeping prices in the euro area stable. In a free market economy, however, the ECB has only an indirect influence on prices by regulating the development of interest rates. Actually, there are three key interest rates, but what is usually meant is the main refinancing rate. This tells at what interest rate banks can borrow money from the ECB.

How to buy crypto with a credit card in 2022

We are aware of numerous websites that use fake endorsements from celebrities to refer customers to unregulated brokers or call centers. Our website will only refer customers to partners who have provided us with the necessary regulatory assurances. This is a marketing offer and our regulated partners specify what services are available to them during the registration process.

A credit card is a convenient way to buy cryptocurrencies as it is easy to use and accepted by a wide range of crypto platforms.

In this article, you will learn where and how to buy crypto with a credit card, as well as some of the advantages and disadvantages of this payment method.

Financing without hidden costs: tips for the optimal liquidity injection

A look at the statistical data clearly shows that the number of consumer loans has increased significantly in recent years. The loan is often used to bridge financial bottlenecks, but also to finance additional consumption. These include the extended vacation trip, the purchase of a new motor vehicle or investments in your own four walls. The following tips reveal how everyone can find their optimal consumer loan that they can also realistically repay.

Take out a consumer loan or not?

The amount of financing granted has increased rapidly. Consumers often choose to take out a loan for real estate financing. However, the number of consumer loans is also on the rise (confirmed, for example, by Targobank in Gelsenkirchen on the basis of internal figures), because they offer flexible financial injections that are also possible from a small sum and with low monthly repayments. A small loan, for example, is available for as little as 500 euros for free use with a flexible term.

Does it always make sense to take out a consumer loan? There are regions where consumers are heavily indebted and can hardly repay their debts. This includes the state of Bremen. In Thuringia, the picture is different, because here consumers seem to be able to manage their finances optimally. This means, for example, that they may have taken out a consumer loan, but can reliably pay it back. This is precisely the point when the question of taking out a consumer loan comes up.